We manufacture our nutritional products using custom made mixes, designed to the customer’s specification to satisfy his demands. Our products are flexible, quality assured and tailor made according to the customer’s specification. The following is a list of the feed additives we use, sourced from a number of reputable suppliers in the industry.

Vitamins Rovimix
Liquid Vitamins Zoosol
Water Soluble Vitamins  
Trace Elements  
Monocalcium Phosphate Aliphos
Chelated Minerals  Vevomin
Aminoacids  Evonik Industries, DSM
Enzymes  Ronozyme/Roxazyme 
Toxin Binder Flobond/Farmabond
Antioxidants  Endox
Carotenoids Carophyl
Choline Chloride  
Oregano Oil Orego-Stim Powder & Oil
Fat Nufat
Coccidiostats Avatec 150G, Cygro 10G, Salinomax 120G, Robenz 66G, Deccox, Coxidin 200G
Calcium Propionate  
Ammonium Chloride  
Magnesium Sulphate  
Magnesium Oxide  
Potassium Carbonate  
Sodium Bicarbonate Bicar Z


Description Brand
Essential Oils Crina Ruminants
Rumen Protected Methionine Timet
Rumen Protected Choline Ruprocol 25%
Rumen Protected Nicotinic Acid 50% Microtinic PP
Probiotic Cylactin
Live Yeast Vistacell
Milk replacer for calves Celtilait SE
Description Brand
Essential Oils Crina Poultry
Essential Oils & Benzoic Acid Crina Poultry Plus
Blend of organic acids and essentials oils Galliacid S
Metabolism Component of Vitamin D3  Hy-D
Probiotic Cylactin
Betaine Vistabet
Description Μάρκα / Brand
Custom made macropremixes for Piglets Nuevo
Complete feed for piglets Alpha Milk
Porcine Animal Plasma AP820/AP920
Sweet Whey powder Lactina
Essential Oils Crina Piglets, Crina Pigs & Sows
Benzoic Acid Vevovital
Probiotic Cylactin
Blend of organic acids and essentials oils Tetracid S
Milk replacer for piglets Lacta 247
Spay Dried Animal Blod cells AP301


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